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Basics Of spices for cooking

Basics of spices and their use and importance in taste of food/recipe.

Hi friends,
I am writing this article on behalf of my mother because her English is not that much good to write an article.
My mother will write Marathi articles for this blog and i will convert all these into Kannada.
masala padarth,masala ,important spices,indian spices for food recipes,importance of spices in fooding.

To read in Marathi click below link

Importance of spices in recipe in marathi(मसाल्यांचा पदार्थांची माहिती )

What is spice/masala?

A spice is a seed,fruit,root or bark which are used for mainly flavouring,coloring to improve acridity as well as for pickling and preserving foods
spices uses application,masala function of spices in food or recipes

List of basic spices used in India for cooking recipes?

(click on item you want to learn)
  1. asafoetida (Hing)
  2. Cardamom seeds and powder
  3. Clove full and powder
  4. Black pepper (seeds or powder)
  5. Cumin seeds and powder
  6. coriander (leaves and seeds)
  7. mustard seeds or powder
  8. fenugreek seeds
  9. Turmeric
  10. saffron
  11. Cinnamon
  12. Ginger 
  13. Garlic
  14. Onion
  15. fennel seeds
  16. Red chilies and chili powder and flakes
  17. Cayenne whole and powder
  18. Paprika
Confused between cayenne,red chilies and paprika.
here i gave the difference between cayenne vs Paprika vs Chili on below link to know difference among them.

19.Spice blends / Masalas
spice blends or masalas are made by blending or mixing different spices .
there are many types of spice blends or masala like garam masala also called hot spice blend,chicken masala,mutton masala,goda masala also known sweet spice blend.

In general words
Masala or spice blend is Combination of some specific masalas/spices made for some specific dishes.
like mutton masala is made for making mutton gravy also for curry different masalas available.
we will discuss on Spice blends or masala's seperately.

here is a link
learn about Different Masala's spice blends used for different Dishes

In India where you can find diversity at every place in terms of language,uniform/dressing,culture and 
as well as in food recipes.

Different states,districts have different recipes and different spices are used for same.
Some states prefer non-veg some states veg.some states likes spicy food,some likes sweet and some normal.
Depending on environment,availability of vegetables and other coking stuff like spices the recipes are made.

The Key role in any recipe is played by Spices. 
acridity,pungency,spiciness and attractive texture and smell is due to spices only.

so spices plays main role in great taste of every food recipe.

So here we can know or learn deeply about basics of spices,information,roles of spices in recipe/food,which spice give which taste information.everything a cook must know about spices before preceding for kitchen.

Spices used for taste in a food as well as used as a medicine.we will discuss about using spices as medicine later.
So here we start roles of spices in a recipe.

List of common spices used 


asafoetida hing indian spice masala

In its pure form its odor is very strong and it have pungent smell so please keep its container closed if you don't it will contaminate other spices.However its odor and flavor becomes much milder and less pungent upon heating in oil or ghee(clarified butter).
fo more details click below link 

Asafoetida taste,uses and uses guide

2-Cardamom (Elaichi)

cardamom is an alluring spice with a seductive Aroma.

May used directly as well as in powder form.
cardamom seeds,cardamom indian spice,masala


They are renowned for providing their uniquely warm, sweet and aromatic taste.which is used in various food recipes as well as for making spice mixes.generally used in powdered form in spice mixes as well as used wholly.

uses of clove,clove for food recipes,clove spice info

Taste and uses of clove how to use clove click here

4-Black pepper

Black pepper is most widely used Spice in the world adding both heat and depth of flavour to any dish.
It have strong and pungent aroma.
black pepper uses,recipes in cooking recipe black pepper

Taste and uses of black pepper and how to use it as a spice


cumin is also widely used Indian spice used in Tadka as well as in masala mixes(spice mixes)
It add smoky note to dishes and have intense fragrance.
cumin seeds,uses in cooking,cumin use in Indian dishes,how it is used.

Taste uses and how to use cumin's in dishes click here

6-Coriander leaves ,seeds and roots

Chopped coriander leaves are a garnish on cooked dishes such as dal and curries. As heat diminishes their flavor quickly, coriander leaves are often used raw or added to the dish right before serving. 
Also some dishes are made out of coriander leaves like Kothimbir vadi.

For more details like how to use coriander leaves,seeds or roots in Cooking,how to store click on below link.

More about coriander click here

7-Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds uses and how to use.

HI friends,

Here i am telling you about spices one of important spice is Mustard seeds.It is used in making curries as well as subji.

mustard seeds for cooking
mustard seeds for cooking

How to use mustard seeds for cooking?

The flavor of mustard seeds is released when they are crushed or cooked in oil.
steps for using mustard seeds for cooking

Read more (how to use mustard seeds for cooking,uses,taste of mustard)

8-Fenugreek a spice uses,taste and how to use

hi friends,
Here i am with our next spice called fenugreek seeds which is also commonly used spice used for making madras curry powder.And are what butter chicken makes Unique.

fenugreek seeds uses cooking taste

Read more about Fenugreek seeds


Turmeric is a very famous spice and used for flavouring and colouring of curries,rice,subji etc.
It provides attractive golden colour to Curries.

10-Saffron as a spice for cooking

Saffron is Most expensive spice in the world.In terms of weight its expensive than Gold.The best saffron is dark red in colour.
Th fresher the saffron deeper the color.
spice saffron for cooking dishes

11-Cinnamon a spice for cooking

When dried, it curls into quills that are used to add a warm, distinctive flavour and aroma to sweet dishes.
Cinnamon is also widely used in spice mixes for savoury dishes in Asia.
cinnamon a spice for cooking


Hello friends,
Here i am with full information of Ginger where it is used,How its taste like. and methods to use ginger as a spice/masala.
ginger spice uses how to use

13-Garlic how to use in cooking

Intensely and uniquely flavorful and aromatic, garlic is used in virtually every cuisine in the world.
Garlic is generally used as a flavoring ingredient in recipes rather than as the main ingredient itself because of its powerful and pungent flavour.
garlic paste

14 - Onion a spice

 onions are pungent and bitter before cooking, and slightly sweet when cooked. Unlike many other spices, onions do best when added to your recipe early in the cooking process.

onion a spice
onion a spice for cooking

Onion Taste,uses how to use onion for cooking as a spice

15-chili powder

 (moderate Hot and pungent made from regular chili)

Dark red in colour
chili powder made from general chilies we use.Mostly used in India.Generally Indians Makes it by blending it with other spices like onion,cumin,garlic etc.
here is images of chilies used for making chili powder
chili powder
these chilies first dried in sun and then powdered with other spices.
chili powder


made from cayenne chili (very hot & pungent)

Faint red in colour
cayenne is also one of type of chili powder but is made from specific chili named Cayenne which is hotter than regular chili used for making chili powder.

Here is image of Cayenne Chili

cayenne chili,cayenne chili powder

cayenne is looks like regular chilies but are not they are short in length and very different in taste are more hot than chili powder.
cayenne paper


Made from  capsicum and very little to no Spiciness.
Medium red in colour.
paprika is also a chili powder but is made from Shimala Mirch.

Its made from a capsicum which is very little to no hot or pungent or spicy.Sweet paprika is also available.

Here is Image of from what  Paprika Made from

paprika pepper fruit,paprika chili

shimala mirch,paprika pepper fruit,cayenne vs paprika
Paprika powder image

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