Monday, 22 May 2017

Cumin a spice/masala for cooking (taste and uses guide)

Cumin Seeds

cumin is also widely used Indian spice used in Tadka as well as in masala mixes(spice mixes)
It add smoky note to dishes and have intense fragrance.
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How is the taste of Cumin?


Uses of cumin in Indian dishes recipes

  1. Mostly used in Tadka/fodni/tempering of Indian curry's and sabji.
  2. Also used in Masala mixes(spice mixes).
  3. Regular component of curry powder
  4. Also regular in Mexican cuisine.

How to use Cumin in Dishes/recipe/food?

It is used wholly as well as powdered.
While tadka/fodni/Tempering process it is added in hot oil and mixed with other spices.

added before adding onion and garlic.

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