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Garlic as a spice in Cooking

Garlic how to used in cooking

Intensely and uniquely flavorful and aromatic, garlic is used in virtually every cuisine in the world.
Garlic is generally used as a flavoring ingredient in recipes rather than as the main ingredient itself because of its powerful and pungent flavour.
garlic paste
Actually garlic is not a purely spice in reality its a vegetable but cannot used directly because its strong and pungency.So it have various quality that a spice have so i call it spice.

Uses of garlic

  • added to soups
  •  sauces,
  • marinades
  • spice rubs
  • Curries
  • Making chili powder

How to use Garlic in cooking?

  • For curries the paste of Ginger and garlic is made and added in hot oil(called tadka,fodni or tempering).
  • Also clove of garlic is used by removing its cover in Tempering (fodni or tadka)
  • Used for making Onion-garlic Chili powder (kanda-lasun chutney) which used for curries and subjies.
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