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What is difference between Cayenne vs chili vs paprika

Difference between cayenne and chili powder and paprika.

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Even i confused about from what cayenne made of as well as paprika made i am aware of chili powder because chili powder is widely used in Indian cooking.
So after lot of research i am here to explain difference among paprika , cayenne as well as chili powder.
cayenne vs paprika vs chili powder difference between all explained

1-chili powder

 (moderate Hot and pungent made from regular chili)

Dark red in colour
chili powder made from general chilies we use.Mostly used in India.Generally Indians Makes it by blending it with other spices like onion,cumin,garlic etc.
here is images of chilies used for making chili powder
chili powder
these chilies first dried in sun and then powdered with other spices.
chili powder


made from cayenne chili (very hot & pungent)

Faint red in colour
cayenne is also one of type of chili powder but is made from specific chili named Cayenne which is hotter than regular chili used for making chili powder.

Here is image of Cayenne Chili

cayenne chili,cayenne chili powder

cayenne is looks like regular chilies but are not they are short in length and very different in taste are more hot than chili powder.
cayenne paper


Made from  capsicum and very little to no Spiciness.
Medium red in colour.
paprika is also a chili powder but is made from Shimala Mirch.

Its made from a capsicum which is very little to no hot or pungent or spicy.Sweet paprika is also available.

Here is Image of from what  Paprika Made from

paprika pepper fruit,paprika chili

shimala mirch,paprika pepper fruit,cayenne vs paprika
Paprika powder image
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