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Sooji halwa / rava Sheera Recipe with video

Sooji halwa / Sheera Recipe with video

Hi friends today we are presenting you very simple,sweet and tasty recipe of Sheera in marathi and in hindi is called Sooji halwa.
Its very popular indian sweet dish.Favorite of Indian as well as God prasad.

शिरा पाककृती मराठी मध्ये = शिरा रेसिपी 

Here is Youtube video on how to make Sooji halwa or Rava sheera.

watch Video so its easy to make sheera sooji halwa after watching this video.

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Overview of Sheera / sooji halwa recipe

Time required for making sheera/sooji halwa = 17 minutes.

2 minutes for preparation
15 minutes for cooking

Course = Dessert

Cuisine = India

Ingredients required for making Sooji halwa Sheera.

  • Milk
  • Butter / Ghee (if ghee not available use dalda/vanaspati tup)
  • Rava(sooji)
  • Milk
  • Cashew
  • Almonds
  • Cardamom seeds
Listed Ingredients are Enough for best taste of Halwa/sheera.
But you may add some other dryfruits according to choice likes of your family members like Kishmish/Raisin ,pista etc.

Preparations required Recipe

  1. Cardamom Powder - refer video for details
  2. Chops of Cashew ad almonds

Recipe of sheera /sooji halwa

  • Make powder of 4-5 cardamom in mixer grinder.
  • Keep all ingredients ready.
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  • Add butter (तूप ,घी ) 
ghee sooji halwa,sweet sooji recipe,making sheera from rava
  • Let butter to melt
  • Add Sooji / Rava in Melted ghee
How to make sheera sweet dish,shira recipe
  • Keep stirring Sooji rava to avoid over roasting or burning.
how to make Indian sheera,sweet sooji halwa recipe step by step

  • Alongside Keep 1 Cup water to boil on other heat source.As shown in figure
sooji halwa indian cuisine

  • Now quickly come back to sooji  keep stirring
  • Now add 1 cup boiled water to sooji
making milk sooji halwa sheera

  • Stir the solution with spoon and  mixup with water properly.
  • Add half cup Milk and stir
milk sheera,milk sooji halawa
  • Keep closing plate on our cooking Pan for steaming sooji 1-2 minutes
milk sheera recipe,sheera english recipe
  • Open closing plate after 1-2 minutes and stir sooji until it becomes medium dry.
  • Add sugar and stirr until sugar gets mixed in it.
quantity of sugar depends on your choice because someone like medium,someone extra sweet and someone less sweet.

we shown recipe for medium sweet sooji halwa. half cup sugar
  • After sugar dissolved in sooji.
  • Add cardamom powder 1-2 pinches (3-4 cardamoms)
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  • Add halved almonds 
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  • Add halved cashew
cashew almond sheera,cashew almond sooji halwa
  • Stir cashew+almond with sooji
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  • Again cover it by closing plate for steaming for 20-30 seconds
  • Then open plate and stir solution for 40-50 seconds
  • Here our sooji halwa is ready but for addition taste and crunchiness we will add slicess of cashew and almonds on it after taking halwa/sheera on plate.
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here our sooji halwa also called as rava sheera in marathi is ready.
Hope i will explained about how to make sheera or sooji halwa.

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